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On an otherwise ordinary evening at the end of the day, as I turned off the lights and turned down the studio, I glimpsed around the room at all of the books, art, objects, oddments and inspirations that surrounded me. All of them were somehow symbolic of the of the experiences, memories and adventures along the many roads (some high and some low) that brought me to this moment, at the end of this day, on this otherwise ordinary evening.

Things that gradually, over the years, occupied shelves, walls and floors, seemed to track with palpable accuracy the time each piece was acquired, stumbled upon, rescued or somehow made it into this unintentional collection of markers of a journey from then to now.

A stoic wooden cat sits on a humble rusted coffee can….chuckle. An old house painting brush flanked by railroad spikes….poetry. A gear, a wheel, gold wings and an Egyptian faience eye….Magic!

In a drowsy reverie, relics of my travels, adventures, misadventures and mysteries swirled and I steadied myself. What becomes of all these things that landed here? Will they always retain their status? Will they continue to inspire and be treasured?  In an instant I recognized the obvious metaphor of the comings and goings and ebb and flow of life and the accoutrements that also come and go along the way…

These pieces are my first step in honoring the mundane and examining them in a new context. Elevating those things that appear to have outlived their usefulness, capturing their poetry and invoking their magic.  They are a practical walk through a mystical accumulation.